So this wasn’t on my radar at all — not until Kiele Sanchez linked me to what I’m about to link you to — but apparently this is the 10-year anniversary of  A PERFECT GETAWAY.  Hard to believe.

Have great memories of making this one.  I wanted to shoot it all in Kauai since that was the location called out in the script.  But then the bean-counters forced us to use Puerto Rico as a cheaper analog.  But I had a willing and talented cast, and they swept me along with their riptide of enthusiasm even when the shoot got arduous.  (As they all do at some point.)

Tim Olyphant especially was a buoyant presence on set, always telling some outrageous story right up to moment I said “Roll camera.”  That was the only thing that would shut him up, really.  Kiele was radiant.  And her goat-gutting scene still brings a head-shaking grin each time it comes unexpectedly and inappropriately to mind.  Milla?  She was a pro, always ready to try new things, always able to roll with my punches.  Steve got dark sometimes, a little ornery, but I chalked it up to the darkness of his character’s character — rightly or not.  Oh, and then there was Chris Hemsworth, just some Aussie guy fresh to Hollywood.  I cast Chris because he wrote me a letter after the audition telling me how hard he’d work and how grateful he’d be if he was lucky enough to land the fifth lead in my movie.  So what the hell, I gave him the part.  Still have that letter somewhere.  Should dig it up.

Anyway, what prompts all this is that Adam Nayman did an in-depth retrospective on A PERFECT GETAWAY for The Ringer, and I must say, I’m honored and flattered by his analysis.  Uncannily, he’s able to remind me of what I was thinking when I wrote a particular line of dialog…or when I shot a scene a certain way…or structured the movie the unorthodox way I did.

I generally don’t watch my old movies.  Oh, if they show up on TV, I’ll linger for a minute or two then move on — I just like to keep more thoughts in front of me than behind me.  But after reading Adam’s article, I just may have to sit down and watch the whole damn thing.

Here’s the raw URL if the hyperlink above goes awry…

And here’s my favorite publicity still from the movie.


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