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10 Years On

So this wasn’t on my radar at all — not until Kiele Sanchez linked me to what I’m about to link you to — but apparently this is the 10-year anniversary of  A PERFECT GETAWAY.  Hard to believe. Have great memories of making this one.  I wanted to shoot it all in Kauai since that […]

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Been putting off writing this post since I knew it’d be painful, but… I can divide my time on Earth into two categories – days spent with Harlan Ellison and days spent without.  The former are certainly more stimulating, the latter surely more sane. Fifteen impressionable years old was I when Harlan first made landfall […]

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Well, records were made to be broken… Robby, the mechanical caliban from the 1956 classic FORBIDDEN PLANET, just sold for the holy-shitballs price $5,375,000.  That’s a record for any movie prop, topping other revered memorabilia like the Maltese Falcon statuette and the original 1966 Batmobile. The auction house called Robby “One of the most iconic sci-fi […]

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So as this is more of a professional blog than a political one, I’ll not be commenting on this issue.  Rather, I’m just posting some images from my Saturday.  What did YOU do this weekend? DT  

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Magical Misbehaving

“A writer is someone who has taught his mind to misbehave.”   I collect various quotes about writing, but none are truer than this one from Oscar Wilde.  You just poke your imagination into places and situations that most rational people wouldn’t — and then you keep on poking with a kind of devilish zeal […]

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For those who missed the publicity releases (see below), “ICE MOON RISING” is a realistic, near-future story about the exploration of Europa, a moon of Jupiter that has the best possible chance of supporting life elsewhere in our solar system.  I’ve been talking to some very bright people at JPL and NASA, trying to get […]

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So here I am in Italy, checking out stage space at fabled Cinecittà Studios outside of Rome, this for a project I expect to shoot next year.  They have over 20 stages here, but the most impressive – for a few reasons – is “Teatro 5.”  Not only is it massive in size, but it’s […]

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At the Fast 7 Premiere

Caught Vin’s latest at the premiere the other night, held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater which they call something else now that’ll never stick.  Helluva movie.  My favorite over-the-top moment came when The Rock, needing to rid himself of a full-arm plaster cast to get back into the action, simply flexes his arm muscles to break […]

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I’m Thinking, I’m Thinking…

Yes, that’s me in Auvers, France (the place where Van Gogh worked and died), communing with poppies and wheat, trying to figure which of the several intriguing projects that have come my way since RIDDICK should be filmed next.  While I ponder, thought I’d take the time to update my web/blog page.  Thanks to Joe […]

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Experiencing E3

  The good folks at Activision invited me over to E3 yesterday to check out their latest and greatest.  Saw the trailer for DESTINY, publicly available, but then on the DL they showed me some gameplay footage for the upcoming CALL OF DUTY, ADVANCED WARFARE.  While DESTINY impressed, the CODAW footage rocked hard.  Count me […]

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