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10 Years On

So this wasn’t on my radar at all — not until Kiele Sanchez linked me to what I’m about to link you to — but apparently this is the 10-year anniversary of  A PERFECT GETAWAY.  Hard to believe. Have great memories of making this one.  I wanted to shoot it all in Kauai since that […]

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Apologies for the slow email responses, but I’ve been traveling a bit after the APG opening, and now I find myself in Savannah, Georgia for the annual film fest here.  I’m judging this year, soon to hand out awards for Best Feature Doc, Best Narrative Feature, and Best Short.   Those will be announced Saturday […]

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I was in New York this weekend, doing publicity for A PERFECT GETAWAY, and I got asked how I came up with the idea for the movie.  Now this is typically the toughest question a film-maker can get hit with, and I usually give some half-glib answer like “Well, it’s what I do – make […]

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The marketing mavens at Universal have decided to move up A PERFECT GETAWAY by one week, from 8/14 to 8/7.  Main reason:  The 14th was always a traffic jam, what with four other wide releases opening the same day.  Sure, they were all different movies, but somebody was bound to cannabilize someone else. Personally, I […]

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About 6 weeks away from the release of “A Perfect Getaway.”  Been keeping busy checking the 30-second TV spots that will start running in a few weeks — they range from the exciting to the hackneyed.   But a couple winners in the bunch. Trailers will play on front of PELHAM, PROPOSAL, BRUNO, among others. […]

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So we’re now locked in to this date. I’ve been looking at trailers that Universal has been sending over.  Always interesting when someone distills your 110-minute movie into 2.5 minutes – and the liberties they take to get the job done.  But I think we finally have a trailer that reflects both the fun and […]

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So no, the new movie won’t be released March 14 as I’d suggested earlier.  Which is a bad news/good news tale – with an emphasis on the latter. See, once upon a time, APG was going to be an MGM release, and March 14 was the date that worked for that studio’s release schedule.  But […]

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Microsoft just upgraded my email service, giving me all kinds of new colors and panes and stuff — but neglected to include the ability to “reply to” a given message.   So blame Bill Gates if you didn’t get a response to your latest query.   Re “APG,” working on trailers now and eyeing a […]

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APG versus AVP

Finally back in L.A. after wrapping A PERFECT GETAWAY (henceforth, “APG”). Took 40 days to shoot it, including a couple in Jamaica to cover a critical sea cave sequence. After a 100% stage show like RIDDICK, I wanted to do something outdoors, maybe get to see things like, oh, “the sun” and “seasons.” So I […]

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Well, there’s a reason I haven’t been returning many emails lately, and that’s because I’m bouncing back and forth between Puerto Rico and Hawaii filming A PERFECT GETAWAY.  It’s a twisted little honeymoon thriller that I wrote from scratch.  We’re shooting the movie fast, only 37 days of filming, but that’s how I wanted to […]

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