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So as this is more of a professional blog than a political one, I’ll not be commenting on this issue.  Rather, I’m just posting some images from my Saturday.  What did YOU do this weekend? DT  

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Magical Misbehaving

“A writer is someone who has taught his mind to misbehave.”   I collect various quotes about writing, but none are truer than this one from Oscar Wilde.  You just poke your imagination into places and situations that most rational people wouldn’t — and then you keep on poking with a kind of devilish zeal […]

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For those who missed the publicity releases (see below), “ICE MOON RISING” is a realistic, near-future story about the exploration of Europa, a moon of Jupiter that has the best possible chance of supporting life elsewhere in our solar system.  I’ve been talking to some very bright people at JPL and NASA, trying to get […]

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At the Fast 7 Premiere

Caught Vin’s latest at the premiere the other night, held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater which they call something else now that’ll never stick.  Helluva movie.  My favorite over-the-top moment came when The Rock, needing to rid himself of a full-arm plaster cast to get back into the action, simply flexes his arm muscles to break […]

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