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So as this is more of a professional blog than a political one, I’ll not be commenting on this issue.  Rather, I’m just posting some images from my Saturday.  What did YOU do this weekend? DT  

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Experiencing E3

  The good folks at Activision invited me over to E3 yesterday to check out their latest and greatest.  Saw the trailer for DESTINY, publicly available, but then on the DL they showed me some gameplay footage for the upcoming CALL OF DUTY, ADVANCED WARFARE.  While DESTINY impressed, the CODAW footage rocked hard.  Count me […]

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Harlan the Great

Called up Harlan Ellison today for two reasons:  1)  I missed his cranky old voice and, 2) To make sure he was still alive.  We hadn’t spoken in a few years and, frankly, I was starting to worry. For those of you who don’t know, Ellison is our greatest living writer of science fiction.  Okay, […]

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