November 22, 2019

So this wasn’t on my radar at all — not until Kiele Sanchez linked me to what I’m about to link you to — but shockingly this is the 10-year anniversary of A PERFECT GETAWAY.  Hard to imagine.  It brings back great memories of making this movie in Puerto Rico and Kauai with my willing cast of Milla Jovovich, Tim Olyphant, Steve Zahn, Chris Hemsworth, and the unsinkable Sanchez.

Adam Nayman of “The Ringer” writes a glowing retrospective on APG that kind of overwhelms me.  He waxes in great detail about a movie of “increasingly rare brilliance” and something “that couldn’t exist today.”  I think he may be right about that last bit:  More and more, the interesting or chancy middle-ground flicks are being shoved aside by a superhero/tentpole/let’s-punt-this-one-to-Netflix mindset. So I guess I’m lucky to have been able to bring to the screen a script as charmingly subversive as A PERFECT GETAWAY.  And I’m also pretty proud.

Here’s the link to Adam’s story.  Also posting my favorite publicity still from APG.