December 5, 2011


So if you’ve been tracking RIDDICK, you heard that we started pre-production back in September and then stopped pre-production due to lack of funds.  Yup, true.  But I’m here to tell you that we’ve wrangled our financing for real this time and so, as of today, I return to Montreal to kick ass and kick-start this thing for the second and last time.  I promise all RIDDICK fans I won’t come back to L.A. until I’ve shot the damn movie.

What happened back in September?  Well, remember that RIDDICK is an independent movie, and that means we cobble our budget together from foreign sales, a domestic sale, and whatever loose change we dig out of the sofa cushions.  It’s a precarious formula, and if someone doesn’t get even their deposit in on time – or if the lawyers don’t file the right piece of paper — it can all Jenga down on you pretty fast.

But that’s the sad history.  The happy news is that we’re back up and running.  I’ll post a few updates along the way, but know that you could see RIDDICK in the theaters as early as late fall of 2012.