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My phone started going off this morning, binging and burring with texts and alerts.  Either someone died…or Trump was actually indicted…or WW3 was underway.  But the news turned out to be shocking in a different way:  All three RIDDICK movies landed in the Netflix Top 10 this weekend.  Someone asked me if that’s ever happened […]

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New 4K remastering of PITCH BLACK Spent a few weeks on the Universal lot recently, working with a colorist on the remastering of PITCH BLACK.  Arrow Films of London is spearheading this restoration timed to the film’s 20-year anniversary.  (20 effin’ years?  How is it possible?)  So as of September 1, there’ll be a new […]

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RIDDICK, the unrated Director’s Cut

  Some of you have been asking for dish on this new cut of RIDDICK, available now on iTunes and dropping January 14 on DVD.  Well, the Director’s Cut is probably 8-9 minutes longer than the theatrical version.  The bulk of that time comes in two areas — several new scenes in the flashback sequence […]

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Top of The Heap

Just a quick but heartfelt shout-out to all those who helped make RIDDICK the #1 movie in the US and UK this week.  I’m talking about my cast who came to play…my stalwart crew heads who ventured into battle beside me…to the rank-and-file in Montreal who pulled it all together and shared their city with […]

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So it was a crazy day.  Which made it a fairly typical day at Com-Con. I hit SD about 10:30 in the morning.  Got an hour or so to walk the auditorium floor, and was heartened to see the comic book stands…the concept artists working away at their stalls…the smaller vendors hawking their fantasy figurines.  […]

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I’ll be there on Friday, July 19, Hall H.  How ’bout you? DT Poster by Charles Ratteray

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I’ve been working over at IMAX in Santa Monica the last few weeks, overseeing the conversion of RIDDICK into its giant-ass supersize-me format.  Hasn’t always been an easy task:  David Eggby and I shot the movie widescreen (2.40:1), yet the native aspect ratio of IMAX is much taller (1.90:1).  That’s no small difference to reconcile. […]

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Feels like I’m back in production! Been pulling 14-hour days trying to finish RIDDICK.  My typical day starts at 9am with intensive visual effects meetings, sweating out the details of our 900 VFX shots.  Then I jet across town to the mix stage, Soundelux, where I supervise the sound, balancing out the often-competing elements of […]

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Good Luck, Karl

I see that my friend Karl Urban is going to host a screening of DREDD this week at Comic-Con. Just wanted to wish him well with that — and remind everyone what his eyes really look like.  Here he is reprising Vaako for us, no helmet in sight.  The actor over his shoulder, menacingly out […]

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So our business here is done — principle photography, anyway.  It was a challenging schedule we had for this latest installment of RIDDICK – a scant 47 days – but we managed to get what we needed (and more), thanks to a skilled crew and a gifted and willing cast.  I’m packing up now to […]

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