April 27, 2016


For those who missed the publicity releases (see below), “ICE MOON RISING” is a realistic, near-future story about the exploration of Europa, a moon of Jupiter that has the best possible chance of supporting life elsewhere in our solar system.  I’ve been talking to some very bright people at JPL and NASA, trying to get my details right, and they believe that Europa has, beneath a shell of ice, a secret ocean far larger than Earth’s.  When you add geothermal activity to the equation, (likely volcanoes at the bottom of that ocean), you have the ingredients for life as we know it – and I don’t just mean primordial pond scum.  Substantial life.  Maybe. So off to Beijing I went, lining the project up as a co-production with the China Film Corp.

The Beijing Film Festival was also happening last week, and at some after-party I was so jazzed to meet Giuseppe Tornatore, the guy who wrote and directed one of the all-time masterpieces “CINEMA PARADISO.”
Giuseppe Tornatore and David Twohy, Beijing, April 2016


Later, I toured the new stages under construction in Qingdao – all 30 of them.  By this time next year, Qingdao (“Ching-dow”) will be a major new production center back here on Planet Earth.

Stages at Qingdao

On my last day, I found a few hours to trek the Forbidden City – and it is just freakin’ sprawling.  But freakin’ amazing, too.

Forbidden City 14, David TwohyForbidden City 30

Here are those p.r. releases: Thanks to Daren Dochterman for the poster concept.


  1. Camille Callio April 27, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Very cool new project, I’m looking forward to details on the film and the new Qingdao studios–just don’t let it block the next Riddick!!

  2. LP Hugo April 27, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    So this project is to bridge my love for David Twohy-style science-fiction with my passion for Chinese cinema. I simply can’t wait!

  3. Christian Munoz May 18, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    I just love updates like these, and the new Qingdao Studios looks more like a futuristic city in the making.

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