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About 6 weeks away from the release of “A Perfect Getaway.”  Been keeping busy checking the 30-second TV spots that will start running in a few weeks — they range from the exciting to the hackneyed.   But a couple winners in the bunch.

Trailers will play on front of PELHAM, PROPOSAL, BRUNO, among others.  Now if you go to see these movies, you aren’t guaranteed to see the APG trailer, because they give you 30-40-50% “penetration” on these movies.  So you’re chances are probably 50-50 (or less) that you’ll actually see the trailer in any given theater.  But let me know when you do so I can tell if we’re getting the screens we need.


Also busy doing a “Director’s Cut” of APG for DVD market.  I put that in quotes because, since I’m pretty happy with the theatrical cut, this particular version of the movie is really kind of an “Extended Cut” thing:  I’ll probably drop 10 minutes of footage back into the movie.   The theatrical version is rated “R,” and the Director’s Cut will be unrated, as these things usually are.

  • joey1242

    Can’t wait to see this, and then own the Director’s cut!
    Its going to be an AWESOME movie!
    You have to use the poster you have at the top as the DVD cover – it’s AMAZING!

    June 28th, 2009 7:35

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