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My phone started going off this morning, binging and burring with texts and alerts.  Either someone died…or Trump was actually indicted…or WW3 was underway.  But the news turned out to be shocking in a different way:  All three RIDDICK movies landed in the Netflix Top 10 this weekend.  Someone asked me if that’s ever happened […]

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New 4K remastering of PITCH BLACK Spent a few weeks on the Universal lot recently, working with a colorist on the remastering of PITCH BLACK.  Arrow Films of London is spearheading this restoration timed to the film’s 20-year anniversary.  (20 effin’ years?  How is it possible?)  So as of September 1, there’ll be a new […]

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I’m Thinking, I’m Thinking…

Yes, that’s me in Auvers, France (the place where Van Gogh worked and died), communing with poppies and wheat, trying to figure which of the several intriguing projects that have come my way since RIDDICK should be filmed next.  While I ponder, thought I’d take the time to update my web/blog page.  Thanks to Joe […]

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RIDDICK, the unrated Director’s Cut

  Some of you have been asking for dish on this new cut of RIDDICK, available now on iTunes and dropping January 14 on DVD.  Well, the Director’s Cut is probably 8-9 minutes longer than the theatrical version.  The bulk of that time comes in two areas — several new scenes in the flashback sequence […]

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