November 4, 2015

So here I am in Italy, checking out stage space at fabled Cinecittà Studios outside of Rome, this for a project I expect to shoot next year.  They have over 20 stages here, but the most impressive – for a few reasons – is “Teatro 5.”  Not only is it massive in size, but it’s also known as “Fellini’s Stage,” since the maestro made “La Dolce Vita” and “8 ½” and “Casanova” and many other movies here.  It’s good to commune with the ghosts of the greats once in awhile.

David Twohy outside Studio 5 at Cinecitta, Rome

The backlot is impressive, too, what with a permanent Rome set.  Unfortunately, no real sets remain from “Ben Hur,” shot on this very ground in 1958.  But not a bad proxy, this.

David Twohy on the Cinecitta backlot, Rome

Had dinner down on Via Margutta while in Rome, then took a stroll afterwards.  Unexpectedly, I ran into this on the side of a building.  It seems to mark Fellini’s residence.  I took a whack at translating the script below but came up short.  Maybe some of you can do better.

Fellini Plaque, Wide

Fellini Plaque, Closeup


  1. Darek November 4, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Can’t wait to see your new movie. Best wishes and greetings from Poland !

  2. Andrea December 15, 2015 at 11:54 am

    I am from Rome. Many good reaturants in via Margutta. Just in front of that little marble cave there’s a restaurant called “Osteria Margutta”. Were you there? Via Margutta used to be the streets of the artists: a lot of painters or art related people had their studios and shops there. Today some of those are still there.
    The script is not easy to translate because it comes in roman dialect but here we go:
    “Via Margutta
    There are so many beautiful and special streets in the world
    They are the proud of the world
    You pass by and stop in awe
    But you know what I tell you?
    It is crystal clear
    that via Margutta win them all
    because it’s unic and special
    and in the world you cannot find one to match

  3. Andrea December 15, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    …and sorry, yes, that used to be the last apartment were Fellini and her wife (and muse) Giulietta Masina lived.

  4. anonymous anon December 30, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    i hope the reader can take everything i write with a grain of salt,
    not trying to insult, just communicating what i like and dislike
    about the riddick universe. i’m very passionate about my feelings
    and i’m not gona sugar coat everything, however i think i’m fair.
    that being said, i have all riddick movies on dvd, the games too
    not to mention all of DT’s movies he directed and wrote. simple
    movie fan here who first was disappointed in this franchise but
    later became a fan.

    fan assesment of the riddick universe

    -futuristic, harsh pioneering technology like cargo ships.
    -human colonies living on various planets with predatory flora/fauna.
    -unregulated space gives rise to charismatic marauders and bounty hunters.
    -pressure from all of the above gives revelations of rich inner character (and everything beyond)
    -noir vibe

    riddick universe is essentially a space western that is about faith and character instead of gold and property.

    what i don’t like about the riddick universe:
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    -that riddick is a messiah figure or that he is special, like weird backstory with planet furia. FUCK NO!!!
    -riddick movies very much feel like books (highly inconsistent with too much detail) instead of movies (sharply focused action and pace).

    to me riddick is the eye of the storm whom around all your physical/mental layers get ripped apart.
    a guy one of us with extraordinary experiences and definitely NOT a magical creature.
    a force of survivalism, that in that eye of the storm moment is actually humanistic and relatable because it’s
    GUIDING if it’s WORTHY based upon EXPERIENCE instead of destroying or leaving you there for dead
    (which is animalistic) based upon inexperience/stupidity/character flaw.

    what i would like to see more of in the new riddick series:
    -planets with human colonies: fine with vivid architecture but not fine with magical population
    -cool blocky, 1980’s 90’s design spaceships and hardware.
    -kick ass monsters integral to the story
    -more intimate, noirish point of view storytelling like in the first riddick film and game.
    -more awesome action sequences like the first 20 mins of the first movie.
    -2.4 aspect ratio, cohesive feel of episodes & characters like the new jessica jones series.
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    -riddick bitching about the universe and it’s cruel rules.
    -riddick being 50 steps ahead of everyone else because of experience.

    what i would like to see less of:
    -necromongers (3rd movie was fine but still, even less so. no stupid star wars all encompassing empire like shit!
    individual governments are fine and interplanetary police force is also fine)
    -riddick’s origin. simply put: DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!! i like the mystery surrounding him.

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